June 17, 2008

sengaL crew

ini adalah kami..the sengaL crew yang dianggotai oLeh Orang-orang yang sangat cOoL [cOoL ke??] name nie di-iLhamkan oLeh syaf mase exam mid-year 2008.ahLi-ahi-nye :: LyNn=bOwe=syaf=mEL2=rOy==pAd=eika=fikri.and the mOst impOrtant is we Love each other tO bits!!!
tapi i stiLL Loathes my other cLassmates tOo cume these pEeps are the Ones whO make my day cOmpLete,as if One of them is missing Or absent,i reaLLy feeL incOmpLete..fOr yOur everybOdy's infO this drawing is custOm made by syafiq!!on a chair at 5bEstari'2008..we can say it is vandeLism but hah whO cares..

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