November 30, 2008

doing what?!

aku suke box fact i like the box better than the stuff inside it.
this is my birthday present [this year] from one of my dearest friend.
the only person yang bagi aku teddy bear.
pening pale aku tengok teddy bear tuhs.
FYI everyone,me dun really a big fan of teddy bears and chocolates,
i can really live happily ever after without those things.
anyways,what is in the box now?
hee,scroll down please people.

its not really a marvel thing but it is something i always like to do whenever i have free time.
actually,this is my little kit to make accessories out of BEADS!!!!
beads have been my passion like forever.
just i like it to be a little secret of mine.why?
kerana aku tak mahu orang sekeliling anggap aku nie sangat 'keperempuanan' and take advantage of me.
well,doing this kind of stuff do symbolize and give an expression of a woman who easily be manipulated and take advantage of.
that of course its just my humble opinion.
however,now i am ready to not to keep this as a secret.lagipun sekarang aku ade banyak mase nak buat semua i am on my way to make a strap for my phone pouch.combination colours of pearly beige and red ruby.


*you are currently listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift*

lagu nie aku first dengar while i was blog-hopping a few days ago.lagu nie ibarat menceritakan sebuah kisah cinta yang sangat comel.macam cerita original dari william shakespeare yang tajuk Romeo and Juliet cume,dalam lagu nie ending die happy.kalau Romeo and Juliet yang original,the ending is really sad where both the lovers kill themselves by drinking similarities to both of the original story and Taylor Swift's song is at the begining,their love is prohibited by their family.wahh,aku sudah jadik hopeless romantic la.

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