November 29, 2008


trying out the balinese hair clip [bought from last trip to Bali,however this is the first time aku dapat pakai sebab baru kali nie rambut ku agak panjang,hoho.]
actually trying to do a elegant up-do-twist.
but i am not even close to elegant.hoho.

muke stresss.why???

my bro hazman and abg qasyaf [first 'appearance' at SUKMA Terengganu 2008]
one of my sister's 'adik-adik'.
shooter Navy and Melaka.
he treat us for late lunch!!!

my bro talking to mum who still in mecca.
i bet he missed her a lot.
he cried every night asking for her.
taken at SSA where i spend my childhood.

eika berjaya melintas jalan dengan selamat tanpa 'pimpinan' sesiapa.
she survive!!!


*currently listening to Kiss Me by New Found Glory*
a little bit story or should i say history of this song :
well,the very first time i heard this song is from a very funny plus sad movie titled How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. this movie is actually belong to my sister but what can i say,"sharing is caring".hoho.i watched this movie like hundreds of time [lebih-lebih pulak] this another habit of mine,i like to watch a same movie again and again.its kinda comforting.anyways,the story is about a columinist of a trendy fashion magazine at that time named Andie Anderson [Kate Hudson] who agrees to write a first-hand account about what it takes to drive a man out of you life in exactly 10 the same time,eligible advertising bachelor Benjamin Barry [Matthew McConaughey] accepts a high-stakes bet that he can lure any women into falling in love with him also in only 10 days.their relationship starts when one of Benjamin's rival [who knew about Andie's project] sets him up with in one of the scene in this story which is very cute,Andie and Ben were going for a basketball game and their face were on the big screen which ask them to kiss and this is when the song [kiss me-new found glory] played as the background.but the version was slightly different.i don't know why,but i found the scene is very effective on me.whenever i watched th scene or even think about the scene i will surely smile very much wide!!


akhirnya hari nie aku berjaya memberitahu kakak aku tentang aku nye 'official relationship with wan' my sister just smile and said "hah?when?but its kinda predictable y'know".hoho.what can i say.aku rase tadi adalah mase and tempat yang paling sesuai untuk aku blurt the news to her.its kinda funny pun ader bile aku fikir-fikir balik.sebab the fact that that guy is one of my sister's 'adik-adik'.then mase kami tengah tunggu abg qasyaf change his clothes kat hostel [navy shooters kena duduk kat base air-force sebab ade competition 3 khidmat and this year air-force is the host] my sister asked me some questions ::

sister : what happen to ****?
me: i don't know.i just can't see us together. [lgpun,he don't understand my life and me]
sister : die dah tak mesej you?
me : nope.
sister : so wan is just a distraction for you? [sounds like a very protective sister to wan]
me : of course not! this time is different,this is not like ******. this time i really like him. [and i intend to be faithfull too.wahh!!]
sister : really? although he emo-emo camtu?
me : hahaha.yeah.he is...interesting.and its easier cz he understands my [and my sis too] whole so-called other life stuff. shooting,mumdad rep,childhood at SSA and many-many more.
sister : yup,got that rite. *high five*

seriously,its easier to have someone special who understand my life.cause i will not have to deal with stupid questions like "why you need to to SSA?" "what is shooting?" "what competition?" and many other questions yang aku sendiri susah nak jawab sebab aku tak tau nak explain camne to those yang tak understand cz they don't know and they do not see it with their own eyes.tapi sebenarnye it is just MEREKA TAK with wan i don't have to deal all those stupidity cz he himself is in the community.easy kans?plus with many other 'qualities' taht i can't reveal.last nite i finally break the news to eiak as well.YM dialogue :

lynn : *i blurt the news!*
eika : WHAT??? [note the BIG LETTERS people]
lynn : haaa.ari tuhs.
eika : hahaha.ok la tue.
*a few talk that i can't remember but i remember its about **** and shadiq [bestest guy-friend ever!]*
but eika did say something that really-really touched me till the bottom of my pancrease.
eika : ape saje ko buat,aku akan sokong ko.
[mase nie aku rase terharu giler-giler,nak nanges pun ader.hoho.thanks eika,kau la sahabat aku.kite same-same survive era bestari bersama.sekarang nothing can stop us.hoho.bout that jerk [bell nye bf tuhs] kau jangan risau,nanti ade chance kite sepak kepale die sampai melayang masuk ke laut artik.biar mati beku.tak sangke lame betul bell ngan die.haish...

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