February 5, 2009

boredom cz this

liking the new song i just put up?
hope you guys are loving it like i do.
You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift.from album Fearless.
*aku takde album die tapi aku ade the whole album in my mp3,just have to love Ares*
actually mula-mula aku takk berape minat dengan Taylor Swift nie sebab die bawak genre lagu Country but when she was rumoured [actually!!] dating Joe Jonas [mine-mine!!!!] i started to put interest into her.haha.kelakar jep.she is gorgeous!!!
then suddenly kat FLYFM lagu die 'Teardrops on my guitar' tengah hot.then i started to listen/searching for her other songs.then i was hooked!!!loving the songs all the way.and plus,i also loving the fact that she wrote all the song herself.she is singer/songwriter.cool huh?
aku rase kalau penyanyi tu sendiri yang tulis lagu-lagu yg dorang nyanyi,lagu lebih senang untuk dihayati.and if we looked closely to Taylor Swift's songs,they are like telling her emotion and feeling to her life.to be exact,her love life.tengok tajuk-tajuk nya pun dah memadai.
  • A place in this world
  • breathe
  • cold as you
  • come in the rain
  • fearless [one of my favorite]
  • fifteen
  • forever and always [my fave too,its about her breakup with one and only,Joe Jonas!]
  • hey stephen
  • I'd lie [favefave!!soo touching..]
  • Love story [love the beat]
  • our song [loving these too]
  • picture to burn
  • should've said No
  • stay beautiful [sukesuke,soo cute]
  • teardrops on my guitar
  • tell me why
  • the best day
  • the way i Loved you
  • tied together with a smile
  • tim mcgraw
  • white horse
  • you belong with me [my ultimate favourite!]
  • yo're not sorry
yang lain pun aku suke jugak tapi i got my own personal favourite playlist of her song.aha.
the song 'You Belong With me' is about a girl who loves [fall in love] with her bestguyfriend but him have a girlfriend of his own.listen to the song carefully and then you will understand what i mean.

~in memories~

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