April 7, 2009

hari mengantuk sedunia

this is [kinda laa] the weather in KL this morning.is it not enough for me being soooo sleepy some more plus with the weather?ughh..just not a very good way to start a day.i was in the car and i barely can't open my eyes.thank god for my sister that was driving this morning.even the KLCC and the KL Tower was covered with fog [i think its fog,or maybe it is some kind of pollution effect,haha,you guys know laa,KL kan banyak sangat pollution..]

i'm feeling kinda this at the moment.
malas mau pikir...
sendiri salah laa,sape suruh catch me at the wrong timing...

right picture: the original painting title 'The Scream'
'The Scream' is painted by Edward Munch in 1983
left picture: me,attempt to be the next 'The Scream'.
sama takk??
you be the judge....
muahahaha *mojojo evil laugh*

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