February 28, 2010

for you i will

perhaps not many of my friends aware of my obsession towards Asam Pedas. but i bet my high school friends know. esspecially Zabri. kan kan? :D anyway, my cousin (kak Nor who is a very good cook) from Singapore come for a visit yesterday. and bring us this scrumptious cuisine! my favourite Asam Pedas with a hint of black Pepper! the heavan-nity of this food is added when it is cook with ikan pecuk which a kind of fish that really hard to find in KL markets. for me, Asam Pedas is best eaten when it's raining outside and not be eaten instantly. i mean, the flavour is much much morw awesome when it is eaten the day after it is cook. when all the flavour have come together like really really come together. wahhhhhhh! i feel soo alive talking about this! for you i will do anything Asam Pedas! *drools*

to Zabri, ini lah dia Asam Pedas yang aku selalu cakap tuu.

did i ever tell you guys that my dad's koi fish buat upacara mati beramai-ramai? it happened like a few weeks ago. about 8 of them died due to something like Ammonia poison. i was like WHATT? Ammo-what? uhh, chemistry! but today, we went koi fish shopping near Jalan Pasar. :D my dad bought like 6 fishs to replace those were dead. there even silver koi fishs! really white wye! and ooh ya, i officially enrolled to a driving school. hmm. thrill? not really. why? don't ask.

*i'm in need of cash. thinking of letting go of my psp. anyone interested?*


roy@zabri the white said...

yeah asam pedas mmg aq suka
btw bukan ko slalu tutp suis kolam tu ke yg mnyebabkan ikan tu mati

LyNn also known as Liyana said...

hoish! sekali je laa. tuu pun xsngaje. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you will not have a leg to stand on. ....................................................