March 2, 2010

thank yuu, Jamilah Zahirah Jamil.

hello fellow earth-residents!!!!!
today is just full with love love loooooove!!!
Zazaa J just came back from a short trip to Vietnam and bought us these awesome bangles! wow! i LOVE bangles! and it fits me! yayy! it's kinda hard to find cute bangles that fits me nicely.
*Zazaa, thank yuu! mmuahhh!*
photo, kudos to Mushy-head-Jes!
mine is pink and Jes's is the purple one!

i was at the train station at 7.10 for our morning Nasi Lemak session.
but unfortunately, Sha woke up late and had a really bad headache so she cant pick us up.
but no worries, she's fine now. yayy!
while me and Zazaa killing our time doing nothing and waiting for the less crowded UCSI shuttle, ewan came along to join us. then around 7:45ish, this is what we saw!
(please refer to the picture above!)
WHATTAHECK rite? damn ramai orang!
the problem is, the enter place thingy that opened during that time is only ONE. freakin ONE!
somehow it looked like something i saw in Baraka before. the one when the separate the baby chicken in factories. funny!
kinda dumb if you'd asked me. because you see, the LRT people obviously knew that there's alot of people using this station (as it is an interchain station for ERL and also KTM) but still they only open one place. thank god they open all four ticketing counters. *sigh*
kesian mereka yang nak pergi kerja itu.

Sashareen and Liyana
it have been long since i last hang out with Sasha alone.
i realized this as i was making my photo-collage (i'm in the mood of DIY, curse you Jesmyn Tan!) i realized that i have the least picture of me and Sasha alone. always with the other three camerafreaks. hehe.
then after helping Mr.Hellis with his Public Speaking class we went to Midvalley to *ehem-ehem* for *uhuk uhuk*. fyi, i went to Midvalley twice that day! wth!

anyway, as i were saying, today is just love love love!
i've been cuckoo all weekend and finally today i found my ketenangan!
it is soo nice not being KKs anymore. undivided attention from him. i like i like!

toodles, people!

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