March 28, 2010

a hectic week ?

jari berdetap detap pada keyboard colourful yg perlu ditukar tak lama lagi sambil muzik indah bermain di Realplayer. apa ye nk ditulis? hmm.

another hectic week passed by.
  • HC final forum done! i think we did quite good. too bad Jes cant be with us.
  • Jes suffered from TDS (temporary Deaf syndrome) and have to go for a minor operation. =__= get well soon!
  • spend the whole week with my Lalalove! sebab last week dia training petang. haha.
  • masih tiada berita dari si Anonymous.
  • screamed at my brother's face and felt very guilty yet satisfied at the end. (whatta?)
  • belajar perkara baru. *wink!
  • bace Hatiku di Harajuku for the countless of time.
  • masih belum pergi amik ujian undang-undang driving. study pun belum lagi!
  • final exam is just around the corner.
  • last sem cgpa like dummy. not even 3. whattahell! all because my supp paper. huwaa!
  • this sem need to bounds back!
  • next sem (insyaallah) akan msuk degree. wahhhhhhhh!
  • pergi menjenguk ke pesta hot air balloon.

the group!
brian, sinly, anne, edmund,sasha, zazaa, angeline, zaza, panda, sue fei, me.
not in the picture: Jes.

our class!

the video!
the story behind this video.



tunggu kedatangan ku.

that's all for now. toodles!

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