March 14, 2010

kisah si Anonymous

it has been awhile since i last blog.

alot had happened during the period of me MIA-ed from this blog space of mine.

sometimes, i even asked myself, "am i lying to myself? or its just another one of my randomness that kicks in?" nonetheless, i'm trying my best to keep things as they are.

no words from Anonymous any more. sad? yeah, kinda. Anonymous have been a very good friend. it is a shame for me to lose such a good friend. the 'best' part of all this is, i dont even know whether if i did something wrong or said something wrong. then again, world doesnt revolves around me only. it might have been of Anonymous PMS-ing. i dont know. i really hate it when i dont have a clue about what's going on. it gives me the chills of revisiting the past. uhh. the ugliness of THAT past. [p/s: if u are reading this Anonymous, i just want you to know that i dont want to lose a very good friend like yourself.]

moving on ~

i finally got to watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief! hahaha. all thanks to Zaza Jamil who downloaded it for me. she went all the way to MMU. but of course she doesnt do it on the sole purpose of me, she also gained benefit from the trip. also, she downloaded My Sister's Keeper for me. but sadly, the movie was quite differ from the novel itself. the ending. but, the movie made me tears yet again as the novel did. *clap clap* a piece of artwork that is well crafted yet well written! *standing ovation! to Jodi Picoult*

me and mates figured out a way to enjoy leisure but at low cost. haha. sharing is caring!

well, till then fellow earth residents! ciao~

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