March 10, 2010

shoelace bukan sekadar shoelace

i'm writing this while chewing Shoelace that Jes bought for me. i always eat the strawberry flavoured ones but the cola and apple flavoured also not as bad. that's why in life we need to have guts to try something new. what we got to lose? who knows, we might find something we love at the end of the journey. see, Shoelace candy just as not as simple as candy. it's how you see it. perhaps, life is also likewise. but then, who am i to even talk about life. i havent live this life as much. for god sake, i'm not even 19 yet. what are my rights to talk about life. i'm just a simple girl that still struggling to find who am i, what am i and how am i going to survive all these.

ohh right thee then, lets put all that aside, shall we?

well, highlights of the week, my dearest Jesmyn Tan just turned 19! woohoo!

what we did for her? *hehe*

we surprise her for lunch at Chilies. well, she thought she's on a date with the boyfie. actually, the surprise was quite normal BUT the whole process before the surprise is UN-normal. i merely gone insane!

  • present: a long brown purse from Ripcurl (as she wanted.) upon purchasing this present, i had to run like i never ran before. note, i am not a running person. in fact, i am not any person for those vigorous activities. =__=
  • Sasha made a photo album for her. DIY. as we all know how she love DIY stuff. with lotsa pictures. provided by me.
  • steal Edmund's the boyfie) number from her cell. ooh, that's my job. took it when we were at Jes place, on final individual HC presentation.
  • both zaza's figure out the place, invite people and all.
  • then, on the day itself, Ed's car broke down, then we ended up loitering around Midvalley while waiting. but in the end, everything turn out OK.
  • have a post party at Neway with chocolate session. ber lalala sampai tekak berdarah. huhu.
here are some pictures:

group pictures at Chilies

nampak macam soo kesian rite? haha.
we are waiting for Jes.

post party!

birthday girl looked soo happy.

selamat hari lahir Jes!
mwaaaaa. love u to bits lahh!

my dearest psp, may you'll have a better life with ur new owner.
i don't want to, but i have to.
you have been more than just a gaming console. you have been with me in my darkest hours. be at my side when i needed no human beings to even talked to me. thank you.
btw, mine was the white one. the black one is my lil brother's.

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❥ Jesmyn said...

❥ thanks so much for the party. ;)
had losta fun ! and don't worry. psp will be fine. ;)