March 6, 2010

note to self

for the time being, i just need to keep reminding myself of the positive.
how great it is, right on the time when i am about to really change, it happen.
on the bright side, nasib baik. hmm.
God is trying to tell me something. i just know it. but what?
mayday mayday mayday!
i need MYSELF back stat!
current mode: AKU, SAYA, SELF, INDIVIDUAL and ME.

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❥ Jesmyn said...

hmm. seems like ms.liyana's cuukoo-ness and kks-ness is gettin' worse eh. well babe. you know you always have us. don't keep things to yourself. share with us so that you'll have less frustrations ;) hope things will be better for ya. mwah !