July 1, 2010


memories, i'm sure all of us have at least one.
be it good memories nor bad memories. either way it is still remembered.
good memories are preserve through pictures, home videos, what else? (i am not very good with these sort of things, my apologies.)
bad memories? aha, this is something i am expert (can say lahh) on.
as time passed and i grew more mature, i learned that memories are something you will stuck with forever.
talking based on experience, no matter how far you go, how fast you run, sooner or later, you will come to one point where you just don't want to run anymore.
enough is enough. :)
i spent most of my time running until i don't realized what am i missing.
then again, i always believe that everything happen for reasons.

*credits to Nor Asilah Asmadi*

FACEBOOK is where i found all my childhood friends.
thank you for tagging me in all those almost forgotten memories.
i don't have much pictures when i was little.
so i have to rely on friends n such. heh.
what a mess i am back then! but somehow my heart felt warm whenever i look at this picture.

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