June 30, 2010

my pathetic first attempt!

never in my life that I felt such doubt in myself. as for those who know me well, I am not a 'doubtful' person in any way (ohh soo i said). not just that I felt that doubt, i also felt the intimidation and the eerie feeling of unable to do such thing. before I go on and on (blaberring) about this piece of shit, I am talking about MY FIRST ATTEMPT OF DRIVING AFTER I OFFICIALLY RECEIVED MY LICENCE. one pathetic attempt may I add.

yes I know I am considered lame to write about this as there are people who already wrote about this like 3 or 4 years ago. what can I do, I am late bloomer for heaven sake! plus, there much more to life than just to take that freaking dreadful driving classes and tests! Pak Cik Is, thank you for the driving lessons! ;)

most people took their driving licence when they were 18 or 17 even 16 years old. but i took mine now (i am 19). why? lets just say that i have some issues with responsibilities. i mean, when i finished my high school, i don't even trust myself whether or not I can leave the car that i'm driving securely lock or I will not lose the car keys. even now I don't get to hold or keep my house keys since I already lost it for 2 times. i think my dearest father gave up on me upon this matter. Sorry Babah! i guess i am born this way? :D

anyway, the story goes like this, 3days ago, i officially received my P licence. therefore it means that my dad also officially let me drive. today, when i came back from college ....

(at my parent's office)

Babah: Mana lesen P kau? (with a smirk on his face.)
me: (searching through my pile of junk in the bag) err? nahh.
Babah: hmm. official dah laa nie?
me: duhhhh.
Babah: then, go and fetch Adik from school.
me: ohh? which school?
Babah: he's in bdr tasik selatan for his soccer practice.
me: (jaw dropped!) my parent's office is in bukit jalil, my little brother's school is in Bdr tasik selatan. not that far actually but it is far me whom is still fresh to this vicious driving world! (fine i am being dramatic.)
babah: why? kan dah ada lesen?
me: (with a doubtful but trying to cover up myself tone) fine, lets go, you are coming with me.
babah: alright. lets go.

overall the journey was okay (according to my dad) but according to me it was CRAZY! this is where my frustration and doubt came in. i even feel disappointed with myself! i hate it when i feel this way. really hate it.

persoalan nya sekarang: can i drive or can i not? (T_____T)

what will you do for the sake of love?
how far would you go for love?
will you go beyond your own expectations and abilities?
will you?
i am blessed to have found someone very special that fills the blank in my heart.
thank you for everything that you have done.

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