July 6, 2008

made of hOnor

sekarang nie aku suke amek gambar,snapping pitchas!!duLu maybe suke amek gamba sndrik [syOk sendiri La katekan] tapi skang aku suke pics yang bertemakan buiLdings and sky..kire macam pitchas yang bertemakan urban La.sebenarnye dari duLu Lagi aku enjOy scenary-scenary urban ni.sangat suke La!!macam escape fOr me.mase kenduri kawen my aunt hari tue aku jumpe my uncLe yang ade passion for photography nie tapi he make it as a hObby sebab die kate "phOtography punye bidang nie susah sikit nak carik makan." tapi die seOrang yang sempOi La,riLek je.anyways,semaLam aku pegi tengOk mOvie ngan kakak aku,buat mOvie marathOn.muLe-muLe kami tengOk 'mAde of hOnOr' pastu tengOk 'wanted'.bOth mOvie tue sangat best!!! aku tak tipu,if anda senua tak tengOk mOvie tue Lagi,yOu guys are reaLLy missing Out!!! 'made of honor' main character die PATRICK DEMPSEY-Tom Bailey [he is sOoo dreamy!!cam stOk2 caharacter prince charming,ku jatuh hati..cerita die abOut a casanOva yang ade sOrang girL bEst-frEn [Claire],die baik giLer ngan member die tue,they understand each other,they care fOr each other,they Laugh tOgether,they enjOy each other cOmpany and simpLy the best of friend.One day,the girL kene pergi OutstatiOn fOr 6 weeks in scOtLand.then OnLy Tom reaLize that he actuaLLy have feeLings fOr CLaire sO he decided to teLL her the truth [kire Luahan perasaan La] when she cOme back to New YOrk.biLe CLaire baLik ke New yOrk,she have a reaLLy big news for everyOne.CLAire ajak Tom keLuar fOr dinner on the day she came back frOm scOtLand.sO,Tom dengan semangatNye pakai smart2 and even buy fLowers [maklumLe kate nak Luahkan perasaan].bile he arrived at the restaurant he saw CLaire with Other guy.his face yang muLeNye Like a Love-drunk persOn suddenLy feLL to the fLoor [LiteraLLy!] but he keep it cOoL.then Orang duduk sekaLi tO eat dinner and CLaire intrOduces Tom to the 'Other guy'. "Tom,this is my fiancee,he prOpose to me when i am in scOtLand".pergh!!!this is my mOst fave part of the stOry!!yOu can't imagine hOw it is feeL if yOu are in tOm's pLace..pastu,CLaire mintak Tom jadik her maid of hOnor[MOH].Tom jadik MOH to cOnvince CLaire nOt tO marry that guy. "pLease dOn't marry him" is my mOst fave Line..CLaire said she need sOmeOne whO can be On her side aLways.sO,Tom give-up amd baLik ke new yOrk tapi on the way die nak baLik tue,die ubah pikiran and pergi to the church and try tO stOp the wedding.dipendekkan cerita,Tom berjaye!!hoOoray!!!sO die pun kawen ngan CLaire.sebenarnye cerita nie sangat sedih.. i feeL it!!hahahah..and cerita 'Wanted' puLak,sangat bEst!!memang gempak La and AngeLina JoLie was damn hAwt!!!weLL,ituLah cerite hari sabtu aku..befOre dat,befOre aku gerak pergi tengOk mOvie,me and my sis pegi area rumah Lame aku cz nak anta bibik then terserempak ngan my oLd fren 2..die da Lebih tinggi than the Last tyme aku jumpe die [mase 2006 kat PD,tyme gerkO] hahahaha,what dO yOu expect LyNn?? then aku ade kasut baru!!beLi kat vincci mase saLe,macam Orang giLe!! chiao~!!~

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