February 25, 2009


i was browsing through the net and stumbled upon this awesome picture in Flickr.this picture reminded me that i seriously need a closet makeover.i mean,i need bunch of new clothes for god's sake!!!when i looked at the empty hangers in the picture...the whole living organs in my body told me that i am desperately in need of new clothes.help!!!
people around keep telling me that i have LOADS of clothes and don't really need to get new clothes.but,it is not really true y'noe.i do have some really nice clothes but i've been mixing matching them so they doesn't look the same everytime i wore them.that is why some people said i have loads of clothes.it is actually the same apparel.brilliant huh?haha.funny.however,recently i already bought a few tops and a few pairs of shoes from my trip to jakarta.but still i need new clothes!!why??because..a girl can't never have too much shoes,clohes and makeups [in this case my sis]
so far in my shopping list now are: [3 for rm50 cute printed Tees from Ampang Point] [Orange Sorbet's hoodie at Equine Jusco] [very oohlala jeans from Bossini also at Equine Jusco] and [threading!my face is in need for that session ASAP] when i do my shopping,i don't really mind/care about the brands and stuff because what i aim for is U.N.I.Q.U.E.haha.ngade-ngade sajep.aduhh.bagaimanakah caranya aku mahu itu semua?huhu.tunggu gaji a nampak gayanye.hee.shopping spree la aku nanti.haha.best-best.

aku mahu ini :
[depends on my result,aaaaa]

ouhs Blackberry curve 8320,sudikah kamu menjadi teman hidupku?
aku seyesly nak ini phone.

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