April 20, 2009

sekadar pembacaan ringan

mode:stucking earphones into her ears and feeling 'I DO NOT CARE A SHIT'..

niat di hati nak mengubah layout ini tapi,takde pulak yang berkenan di hati.*sigh* apakan daya.esok aku sudah tidak dilindungi oleh undang-undang juvenile dah.hOoray?hahas,nope.maksudnya aku akan bertanggungjawab atas apa yang aku akan lakukan di masa depan.fishballs behind the glass noodles: aku da boleh dicharge dengan hukuman penjara.hahas.hopefully takde laa sampai ke situ aku akan pergi.soon i will 18.makin tua pulak rasanya.happy?well,it is kinda an undescribeable feeling.obviously i wont get any cakes therefore i wont be able to blow the candles and make my wishes.but,i have another way [hahas,if you're in my shoes,you need to be creative in finding alternative way to make ourselves happy] what way you may ask?jengjengjeng..aderlaa..*gedick giler minah nie,haiss,takk tau laa mak*
you know,i dont really like birthdays celebration/parties/extravagant actually.hahas.that's another way of solving.avoid liking towards something when you cant have it.
yesterday we went to Tmn Equine Jusco near my house,and in the centre of the mall,they were having some sort of kids carnival with the bouncy castles,slides,popcorn and cotton candy.and we saw some of these:

the bouncy castle.well,it bounce!

have you guys ever been on of these thingy?im sure it is very bouncy,duhh the name said it all.hahas.i never been in/on these thingy before.why?dont ask.too emotional.risk of crying.hahas.i hate bouncy castles.cz i never been in/on it.when i have my own my money to be in/on it then im too old for it.so,the easiest way to deal with this problem is to hate/not liking it.hahas.good solution huh?but,i dont do this a lot now.but i did it alot in my childhood cz i dun always can get what i wanted.this is also why i HATE my stupid lil bro.ughh,izit not clear enough for everyone to see that i HATE him?stabbed to death.

wishes to be a better muslim

wishes for a Blackberry

wishes to turn back the time

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